A Local’s Guide to Winter in Ohio

Ohio is a gorgeous state year-round that has a surprisingly strong winter!  If you’re not from the state, you may not know what to expect, but there’s a lot of beauty in this state’s most dangerous season.

Although the state average is around 11 inches of snow a year, some get over 80 inches.  These are the top tips to keep you warm through it all!

Prepare to Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers is the best way to keep yourself warm!  Temperatures will shift through the day, especially if you’re going to work early in the morning and driving back home in the evening.  You want to be prepared for all weather.

It’s vital that you avoid wearing cotton since this will keep any sweat or moisture against your skin and can cause a lot of harm if you get stuck in the cold.  Wool or wool-acrylic can do a lot to keep you warm.  

Consider Buying Property Now

The best part of winter in Ohio is how affordable Columbus houses for rent can be!  When the temperatures drop, fewer people try to find housing, which means there are fewer people you have to compete with, and prices can fall.

Although this is a national trend, with the best time to buy homes or rent sitting between Christmas and New Year, Ohio sees even stronger drops because of the cold and snow.  Buying or renting now can save you a lot of money through the rest of the year. 

Keep Your Car Loaded and Safe

Your car is your best friend in the cold.  Not only should you have it checked out and make sure the heat runs well before the cold starts, but you should also pack it with emergency items.  Keep a first aid kit and an emergency kit that has things like snacks, water, blankets for warmth, and small doses amounts of any medication you may need.  

Don’t Lock Yourself Inside

Although you may feel tempted to keep yourself inside, away from the cold and ice, don’t do it!  Winter is the worst time for mental health because of the lack of vitamin D and human interaction.  

If you’re new, it can be harder to make friends, but there are countless ways to meet locals!  From live performances, neighborhood events, getting into a cooking class, or even joining your local Nextdoor group so you can get to know your neighbors!  

Consider taking up an active hobby like skating, or even get a gym membership to keep you busy and in motion.

Get a Sturdy Shovel Early

You’ll need to get a good snow shovel!  If you’re buying or renting a home with walkways, you’ll need to shovel the morning after the first snow to make sure you don’t get a build-up of ice that will make it impossible to walk on.  If you wait too long to purchase one, you may be out of luck.

Winter in Ohio is Gorgeous

Whether this is your first winter in Ohio or you’re just dropping in for a weekend, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible.  Follow some of these tips, and keep warm!

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