Aoi Asahina- Everything You Need To Know About her

Who is Aoi Asahina?

Aoi Asahina (In Japanese-朝日奈 葵), who is otherwise called Hina, is an understudy in Trust’s Pinnacle Foundation’s Class 78th, and a member of the Killing School Life highlighted in Danganronpa: Combative Destruction. Aoi Asahina’s title is A definitive Swimming Star (超高校級の「スイマー」lit. Really Secondary School Level Swimmer).

Cassandra Lee Morris is the English name voice of Aoi Asahina in Danganronpa: Combative Devastation, and Chiwa Saito is the Japanese voice.

Aoi Asahina: Profile Synopsis

Name Aoi Asahina
Scratch Name Hina
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Zodiac Taurus
Height 160cm (5’3″)
Weight 50kg (110lb)
Hair color Brown
Eye color blue
Chest 35in
Period of Appearance 17/20
Brother Yuta

Aoi Asahina went to Asanaro Secondary School, and was subsequently explored Trust’s Pinnacle Foundation as a component of Class 78th as A definitive Swimming Star. From her appearance she may be 17 or 20 years of age. Toward the start of the Killing School Life in Danganronpa: Combative Ruin, Aoi seems, by all accounts, to be youthful secondary school-matured young person, yet because of the cognitive decline she is two years more established than she accepted, nearer to her late teenagers or mid 20s.

Aoi Asahina’s Appearance

Aoi Asahina remains at a level of 160cm (5’3″) making her the most brief female in Danganronpa: Combative Devastation and weighs around 50kg (110lb) with an incline however voluptuous form. Hina’s chest size is 35 in

Aio has tanned skin and earthy colored hair that she wears in a pig tail in an exceptionally high twisted braid decorated with a paperclip-style barette. In the game, she wears athletic shorts and a red jogging outfit coat over a white shirt. In one of her authority craftsmanships, she wears a blue swimsuit with a white box logo on the front for certain Japanese Characters that spell her last name and a solitary white stripe on the right half of her bust. She likewise wears the Expectation’s Pinnacle Foundation marked blue dolphin hotpants and green tennis shoes, a white tank top, and a red tracksuit coat with white channeling and her past secondary school’s logo on the chest. She wears knee-length white socks, a red knee support over her right knee, a bandage to her left side knee.

Hina likewise has a fairly well proportioned body that is generally the subject of Toko Fukawa/Genocider Shō’s (Decimation Jack’s/Jill’s) badgering.
Subsequent to leaving Trust’s Pinnacle Institute and joining the Future Establishment, Aoi wears a changed rendition of the Establishment’s standard female tailored suit uniform, wearing a green tie and shorts rather than a skirt. Under her suit coat and dress shirt, she wears a white tank top. She actually wears her hair in a braid, yet it is extensively longer showing her hair has developed throughout the long term.


Aoi Asahina is a sort, lively, and energetic young lady who attempts to befriend everybody she experiences and remember them for her exercises in the Killing School Life. Aoi can be somewhat hazy and distracted on occasion, depending on the memory procedure of composing individuals’ names multiple times on her memorable palm them – a stunt she showed her sibling, Yuta.

Being so amicable, Aoi Asahina (Hina) is the primary individual to propose to acquaint themselves with Makoto Naegi. She rapidly frames a decent kinship with Sakura, and attempts to get Toko and Chihiro Fujisaki engaged with their exercises, regardless of whether they need to be involved.
Aoi Asahina (Hina) is likewise a very close to home, particularly with respect to the issue of death, like crying at the passing of Hifumi and holding his head in her chest. Aoi Asahina can be very inconsistent now and again, for example, being disturbed when Celeste uncovered her thought process in killing Taka and Hifumi. In Section 4, she attempted to have everybody killed, including herself, after the demise of Sakura, subsequent to being deceived by the Genius, into accepting she committed suicide in an attack of hopelessness, trusting everybody, including herself, to be liable for her passing.

Aoi Asahina’s inspirational perspective is genuinely tested by the occasions of the Killing Game, and it on a very basic level changes her point of view toward the world and her connections. She is very faithful to her companions so much that when they are hurt it breaks her capacity to adapt inwardly.

Aoi Asahina’s Connections

Due to their common interest in sports, Hina and Sakura turned out to be quick companions. Protein drinks are likewise famous among them. At the point when Byakuya derided Sakura, Aoi Asahina became incensed and slapped him. Her companion’s passing an affected her that she started accusing any individual who said anything negative about her and plotting to off herself and the others subsequent to perusing the produced self destruction note.
Yet again she likewise developed near Makoto Naegi, whose capacities as A definitive Expectation was urgent in her recovery, both during the Killing School Life and when she was pushed into the Last Killing Game, which put Aoi Asahina sincerely under serious scrutiny. Makoto’s solid and enduring confidence in the force of trust and kinship significantly affected Aoi, and in her haziest minutes during both the Killing School Life and the Last Killing Game, he had the option to pull her back from the verge and persuade her that what was in store merited living for to pay tribute to the companions they lost en route.

Aoi Asahina was loathed by both Toko and Shō. In spite of this Hina was the one in particular who really attempted to chat with Toko.

In Ultra Depression Young ladies she was begrudged by Toko in light of the fact that she turned into a conventional individual from the Future Establishment.

Aoi Asahina’s Ability and Capacities

Aoi was dependably a very energetic individual who wanted to work out, and partook in many group activities during her school vocation, including track, b-ball, softball, volleyball, tennis, and her number one game: cutthroat swimming. Since primary school, she broke records in each swimming challenge she entered, and was decided to turn into an Olympic trainee. Her more youthful sibling Yuta was likewise a cutthroat and gifted swimmer, however not – by his own confirmation – as capable as Aoi.

Aoi’s physicality is a center part of her character and healthy identity. Her energy for sports originates from a craving to contend and work on herself, as opposed to from a drive to win. Aoi Asahina says it herself: “There’s no need to focus on winning that I appreciate sports, you know? To get to the top, you need to battle and endure and give it all that you have. It’s the expectation of a difficult misfortune, as well as the feeling of dread toward it. It’s simply… forlorn when you at last accomplish your point. It’s a little forlorn up there, ya dig? That is the reason, with regards to swimming, I need to propel myself however much as could be expected. I need to arrive at the best pinnacle conceivable!”.

Because of her wellness and physicality, Aoi is fit for standing her ground in a battle if important, as was shown when she took part in a battle with Juzo Sakakura. Aoi Asahina is going for the gold Decoration in the Olympics.

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