Rainbow Cab Service – An Initiative to Improve the Quality of Life of LGBT People Living in Mumbai

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Humsafar Trust

The very first radio taxi administration run by LGBT people group individuals is going to send off in Mumbai. The drive, sent off by the Humsafar Trust and Wings Travel, is a work to work on the personal satisfaction for LGBT individuals living in Mumbai. The trust will prepare five individuals from the local area to drive the radio taxis and will furnish them with broad driving preparation. The individuals will likewise get preparing in delicate abilities and social direct.

The Humsafar Trust, a non-benefit association in Mumbai, has begun another radio taxi administration called Wings Rainbow, which will have taxis chauffeured by individuals from the LGBT people group. It is normal to start working in 2017 and give work to LGBT individuals living in Mumbai. Up until this point, five workers have proactively joined to drive the radio taxis.

The taxis are painted in rainbow tones, addressing the Pride and Equality development since the 1970s. The drivers are wearing conventional outfits. Sanjeevani, one of the Trust’s drivers, has a sari on and at first was stressed that she would be approached to drive a radio taxi while wearing a sari.

The venture will keep on preparing 1,500

LGBT people across nine urban communities. The objective is to have 1,500 LGBT taxis in every one of the nine urban communities by 2020. Humsafar Trust’s program chief, Ali, is answerable for the improvement of the venture. She says that the possibility of the radio taxi administration came about when she saw organizations proposing to recruit LGBT people.


The Humsafar Trust, a NGO with an interest in friendly causes, has collaborated with a movement organization to send off a radio taxi administration. The taxis will be painted in rainbow tones and the drivers will wear a proper uniform. The LGBT people group has for quite some time been underestimated in India, where they have either been loved or criticized. The new assistance is pointed toward carrying them into the standard workplace.

Humsafar Trust is a Mumbai-based NGO that works for the privileges of the LGBT people group. To begin the help, the trust cooperated with Wings Travels, an organization that offers cabs to the LGBT people group. The Humsafar Trust has selected five individuals from the local area to drive radio taxis. They will finish preparing for the All India Driver’s License and get client decorum preparing.

The Rainbow taxi administration will start working in Mumbai in a couple of months. It will have transsexual and gay drivers driving the vehicles. The drive is an endeavor of Wings working closely together Travel and Humsafar Trust, a 20-year-old association that promoters for the LGBT people group.

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