Urban Air Trampoline Park

Area: Killeen, Texas
Finish Date: August 2018
Client: Private Sector
Contract Amount: $2,417,995
Project: Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

We had the joy of working from the beginning, one of the country’s head Indoor Trampoline and Adventure Parks, Urban Air. Its an honor winning one end to the other trampoline fields, execution trampolines, dodgeball courts, drop zone, sure thing tracks, trampoline runway, and a region for a long time 7 and under. Notwithstanding the trampoline attractions, this area included Urban Air’s most recent experience fascination, called the Urban Two-Story Warrior Courseā„¢, Warrior Battle Beam, TUBES Indoor Playground, Sky Track Indoor Coaster and Indoor Ropes Course.

All along, we had difficulties – from the freezing blustery weather conditions affecting the select base blend of the site work, to all the indoor gear was conveyed 3 months before plan, to changes the proprietor needed just before the opening, that must be endorsed by the City Engineers before work could be effectively finished. Regardless of these difficulties, with the assistance of 15 neighborhood subcontractors with scopes including Site Work, Masonry, Plumbing, Metal Building Fabrication, Carpentry, HVAC, Electric, Mechanical, Paving, and Painting, we had the option to deliver a finished and prepared building 10days early, prepared to engage the holding up local area.

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