Dream hits back over criticism of his political views from childhood

Jerk decoration Dream applauded back at a Twitter client after he was known as a “closeted conservative” in light of things he said during his teen years.

Andrew Tate has assumed control over the news with his wild takes, and discussions with different Twitch decorations like Adin Ross and xQc.

On July 21, Tate was conversing with Fortnite Pro’s Clix and Bucke on stream when Hasan joined. Only minutes after the fact, Tate mentioned that Hasan be taken out from the stream — provoking the political decoration to consider Andrew Tate a “child.”

Dream flippantly answered to one of Hasan’s tweets about the experience, however had to applaud back at another client considering him a “closeted Republican.”

Dream applauds back at Twitter client

On the night of July 21, Hasan tweeted: “no big surprise Andrew Tate needed to stop kickboxing, my man’s casing broke after I posed 2 inquiries about his business lmao.”

Dream flippantly answered with a tweet taunting Tate: “Perhaps ladies are simply so extraordinarily drawn to his top g energy that they wreck each time they’re in the vehicle with him. You tumbling off tbh. Btw, here’s my jerk prime subsidiary connection buy in for more top g energy on the off chance that you’re not a beta male LMFAO.”
Minutes after the fact, a Twitter client answered to Dream and guaranteed that since he’s a “closeted Republican,” he presumably loves Andrew Tate.
Dream immediately applauded back to the client with a snide reaction: “you’re correct. All the counter gay, against early termination, hostile to trans, enemies of ladies, hostile to all that I and my local area heave consistently demonstrates it.
“Hold up, you’re saying that on account of doxed Reddit posts from when I was 15 and lacked the ability to cast a ballot, few out of every odd public word I have expressed since.”

He added: “Tired of this doltish take, let individuals change their perspectives from when they were a youngster, or fck off and remain by all that you’ve at any point said in all your years. Dispose of your disdain bner and think coherently for once in your life”
Fans immediately started answering on the side of Dream, saying that it’s “unusual” how individuals judge somebody on what they did or said a long time back.

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