Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours

Custom Aid Pharmacy offers the best clinical types of assistance nonstop, with roughly 2,500 stores in 19 states across the United States (US).

You want to realize the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours for getting a reliable medical services arrangement. An exact thought on the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours can save your critical times and superfluous visits.

This article will share all that you want to be aware to have the best of Rite Aid Pharmacy administrations, including Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours, Rite Aid Pharmacy Holiday Hours, Rite Aid Pharmacy Weekend Hours, and considerably more.

Continue to peruse with the goal that you can get familiar with the specific Rite Aid Pharmacy hours today, Saturday and Sunday hours, and occasion hours.


1 Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours on Regular Weekdays
1.1 Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours Saturday
1.2 Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours Sunday
1.3 What Time Does Rite Aid Pharmacy Open?
1.4 What Time Does Rite Aid Pharmacy Close?
1.5 Rite Aid Pharmacy Senior Hours
1.6 Rite Aid Pharmacy Holiday Hours
1.6.1 Rite Aid Pharmacy Official Holiday
2 Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours Near Me
2.1 Rite Aid Pharmacy Services
2.2 Rite Aid Pharmacy Saving Tips
2.3 Rite Aid Pharmacy Contact Details
2.4 Rite Aid Pharmacy Overview
2.5 Rite Aid in a Nutshell
2.6 Rite Aid Pharmacy FAQs
2.6.1 Conclusion
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Custom Aid Pharmacy Hours on Regular Weekdays
Autonomous establishment proprietors run all the Rite Aid Pharmacy stores. This makes them set the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours as they like.

Yet, that doesn’t mean the drug store working hours are arbitrary. All things considered, Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours are set thinking about the requirements of clients/guests and their accommodation.

However the working hours essentially differ on the business needs and areas, all the Rite Aid Pharmacy stores follow a comparative schedule.

They are open at 8:00 AM or 9:00 AM on the standard non-weekend days (Monday to Friday) and shut down at 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM. In this way, they are open for very nearly 13 to 14 hours per day.

In beneath we notice the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours on Regular Weekdays for most areas.

Weekdays Opening Hours Closing Hours

Monday 8:00 AM/9:00 AM 8:00 PM/9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 AM/9:00 AM 8:00 PM/9:00 PM
Wednesday 8:00 AM/9:00 AM 8:00 PM/9:00 PM
Thursday 8:00 AM/9:00 AM 8:00 PM/9:00 PM
Friday 8:00 AM/9:00 AM 8:00 PM/9:00 PM
This timetable applies to most Rite Aid Pharmacy areas on normal non-weekend days, yet at the same not all. The hours fluctuate absolutely on the store areas and explicit necessities.

For instance, the one at 210 ninth Street, Glassport, PA 15045 opens at 9:00 AM and shuts down at 7:00 PM on ordinary non-weekend days.

Thus, we figure it will be ideal assuming you check the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours close to you before you plan any visit. This will save you gas and exertion.

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Ceremony Aid Pharmacy Hours Saturday

Custom Aid Pharmacy stores for the most part open on 9:00 AM on Saturday, and shut down at 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM.

Like most pharmacies, Rite Aid doesn’t quit working even on ends of the week. Moreover, the drug stores are open practically like a customary day on Saturday, with the exception of the end hours.

Weekend Opening Time Closing Time

Saturday 9:00 AM 5:00 PM/6:00 PM
Notwithstanding, contrasted with different work days, Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours are decreased on Saturday. These hours can additionally fluctuate in certain areas.

For instance, the Pharmacy in 1000 East Eager Street Baltimore, MD 21202 opens at 8 am and shuts down at 3 pm on Saturday. This is profoundly strange.

Thus, we propose you contact your closest Rite Aid Pharmacy via telephone or live client assistance to know the exact hours.

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Ceremony Aid Pharmacy Hours Sunday

Ceremony Aid Pharmacy stores are for the most part open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM on Sunday.

Weekend Opening Time Closing Time

Sunday 10:00 AM 5:00 PM/6:00 PM
Most stores and administrations notice Sundays as ends of the week and in this way stay shut. In any case, as a crisis administration, pharmacies and clinical benefits are unique.
The table above makes reference to the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours on Sunday in many areas, yet entirely not all. A couple of stores might follow different working hours on Sunday, while some stay shut.

For instance, the one at 1000 East Eager Street Baltimore, MD 21202, stays shut on Sunday.

Then again, a couple of Rite Aid Pharmacy stores are open 24 hours consistently. Thus, we energetically suggest you know the specific Sunday hours for your area prior to visiting.

There are devices to confirm the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours, which we will depict you further beneath in the article.

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What Time Does Rite Aid Pharmacy Open?

Ceremony Aid Pharmacy stores are for the most part open at 8:00 AM, or 9:00 AM on non-weekend days, Monday to Friday. Then again, the drug store stores open either at 9:00 AM, or 10:00 AM on ends of the week (Saturday/Sunday).

Ceremony Aid Pharmacy Hours of activities are standard and simple to recall. What’s more, they for the most part match the store hours.

For instance, store hours at Rite Aid are a similar regardless of what day it is. In this manner, you can get your medicine topped off or top off your medication box anything day suits you most.

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What Time Does Rite Aid Pharmacy Close?

Ritual Aid Pharmacy stores commonly shut down at 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM on work days, Monday to Friday. Custom Aid Pharmacy closes at either 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM on ends of the week.

When you know the hours for your areas, you will barely fail to remember that these are basic and simple to recollect.

The end hour numbers seem to be the opening times, making it more straightforward to recollect. Also, they continue as before over time.

In any case, that doesn’t make a difference to all the Rite Aid Pharmacy areas. In addition, there are 24-hour open drug stores.

Thus, we propose you make a twofold check with the goal that you don’t miss an influenza medication or diapers late around evening time.

To check your neighborhood Rite Aid Pharmacy and store hours, we suggest utilizing the Store Locator apparatus on their site.

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Ceremony Aid Pharmacy Senior Hours

Ceremony Aid Pharmacy offers extraordinary consideration and advantages to more established individuals and patients with unique requirements on unambiguous non-weekend days. In this way, they have exceptional working hours for senior residents. Underneath we have referenced the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours for seniors.

Weekdays Opening Time Closing Time

Monday 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM 10:00 PM
In the hours referenced over, the early senior residents can get to the Pharmacy stores in their territory and appreciate bother free medication administrations without holding up in the line.

Be that as it may, the hours are likely to change on the drug store areas and explicit reasons. Thusly, we propose you utilize the Store Locator or contact their client service for knowing the Senior Hours in your area.

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Ceremony Aid Pharmacy Holiday Hours

You really want to realize the Rite Aid Pharmacy Holiday Hours to settle on when to visit or when not to. Generally, Rite Aid stores have decreased or adjusted working timings during exceptional occasions.

They don’t close their entryways totally. In the underneath list, we have referenced a few occasions on which Rite Aid Pharmacy keeps its drug store entryways open:

Valentine’s Day
Cinco de Mayo
New Year’s Day
Christmas Day
Easter Sunday
Presidents Day
Great Friday
Work Day
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
Columbus Day
Autonomy Day (fourth of July)
Veterans Day
Mother’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Father’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day
Christmas Eve
Dedication Day
New Year’s Eve
Easter Monday
The huge shopping day after Thanksgiving
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (MLK Day)
Charge Day

Ceremony Aid Pharmacy Official Holiday

Ceremony Aid stores for the most part notice no occasions consistently. Nonetheless, a couple of Pharmacy stores might keep shut or diminish their functioning hours on Christmas Day (December 25), Thanksgiving Day (November 25) promotion Easter Sunday (April 17).

Thus, before you intend to visit Rite Aid Pharmacy on any of these days for a health related crisis, try to contact client service to be aware in the event that they are open and their exact working hours.

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Custom Aid Pharmacy Hours Near Me

You need to realize the Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours close to you to make a beneficial visit. For that, you can follow a few straightforward techniques. These can both find the Pharmacy stores and their functional hours. Beneath we are referencing a few different ways:

Store Locator: This is the most dependable and real wellspring of realizing Rite Aid Pharmacy Hours close to you. It is true, and you need to peruse the authority site.

You really want to type the city, postal division, condition of your ongoing area to profit the closest store and its working hours. Additionally, you can look with the store number in the event that you realize your store number.
Google Maps: You can without much of a stretch find Rite Aid Pharmacy close to me hours through the Google Map rather than the authority finders.

Open Google Map on your versatile or peruse Google.com/Maps and type “Ritual Aid Pharmacy Near Me,” and it will show all the closest Rite Aid drug store areas alongside opening and shutting hours.

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Ritual Aid Pharmacy Services

Ritual Aid offers many driving drug store administrations which cover the greater part of your clinical necessities.

Remedy Management: Become a part and partake in every one of the offices Rite Aid offers for Prescription Management.

You can arrange reorders right from your record, view and deal with your point by point remedy history.

Be that as it may, assuming that you need admittance to extra administrations, for example, talking remedy covers, huge text style marks, or Braille embellishing, if it’s not too much trouble, contact your nearby drug store.

Reorder Prescriptions: Refill medicine by coming by one of the stores or buying on the web. You can partake in a more extended arrangement and markdown on the off chance that you present your remedy.

Also, Rite Aid will consistently post an update telling you want to top off soon when your medication box is practically vacant.

Move Prescriptions: If you are new here, move your remedy from the old drug store and partake in the best solution the board.

Visit with Healthcare Professionals: You can find solutions from medical care experts every minute of every day with online talk as a wellness+ rewards part.

Inoculation: From Covid-19 to the Flu antibodies, you can plan the entire family’s vaccination arrangements at Rite Aid Pharmacy.

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Ritual Aid Pharmacy Saving Tips

Ritual Aid is additionally known for giving client bargains. They offer numerous cash saving deals for their items, with week after week advertisements loaded up with astonishing arrangements and coupons.

That, however Rite Aid likewise offers rewards plans, for example, their Plenti card. They additionally offer focuses for every one of your buys at Rite Aid which can aggregate and be utilized for a lot of reserve funds and arrangements down the line.

Thus, besides the fact that you get can drug store administrations and items you could require at your nearby Rite Aid, yet in addition the opportunity to save a decent digit of cash simultaneously. Even better, numerous ordinary family items can be bought here, as well – a considerable lot of which accompany incredible investment funds.

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Custom Aid Pharmacy Contact Details

Address: 30 Hunter Ln, Camp Hill, PA 17011
Contact Number: 1 (800) 748-3243
Site: www.riteaid.com

Custom Aid Pharmacy Overview

Custom Aid Pharmacy is conceivably the biggest with regards to pharmacy chains in the US. The retail drug store chain was laid out by Alex Grass on September 12, 1962, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, US.

This organization positions 150 in the Fortune 500 rundown in 2020 by income.

As per the organization subtleties, Rite Aid has north of 2500 areas in 19 states.

They began their most memorable store with the name of Thrif D Discount in Scranton in 1962.

From that point forward, their business began seeing fast development. In no less than 10 years, Rite Aid laid out right around 250 stores.
Presently the organization has Heyward Donigan as the President and CEO. What’s more, Jim Peters is COO, and Matt Schroeder is the CFO of this retail drug store Chain.

Ceremony Aid offers an extensive variety of drug store administrations, including medicine tops off and moves, inoculations, as well as an extensive variety of sound living and magnificence items.

Custom Aid in a Nutshell
Type: Public
Previously: Thrift D Discount Center
Established: 1962
Industry: Retail
Pioneer: Alex Grass
Central command: Camp Hill, East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, United States
Key People: John T. Standley, Kermit Crawford, Bryan Everett, Darren Karst
of Locations: 2,525

Custom Aid Pharmacy FAQs

Is Rite Aid Pharmacy Open on Sunday?

Custom Aid Pharmacy is accessible on Sunday and you can arrive at between the timings 10am to 6 pm.

Is Rite Aid Pharmacy Open on Christmas Day?

Most Ride Aid Pharmacy observe Christmas Day as a vacation. Be that as it may, some Rite Aid Pharmacy is accessible on Christmas Day however diminished hours might apply.

Is Rite Aid Pharmacy Open Today?

In the event that today isn’t Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, or Easter Sunday, Rite Aid Pharmacy is open.

Nonetheless, it very well may be shut for explicit reasons. In this way, we propose you call or contact, if conceivable, in the event of crisis.

What is Rite Aid Thanksgiving Hours?

Ceremony Aid stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. However, some Rite Aid Pharmacy might be shut. In the event that some are open, they might have adjusted working timings contrasted with customary days.


Ritual Aid Pharmacy
is a broadly famous drug store in the US and individuals’ top decision for the main medical care administrations it offers.

In this article, we have featured all that you want to be aware for your benefit in having the best administrations of Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Be that as it may, assuming that we have overlooked the main issue or have more to be aware, you can continuously contact their client care.

We expect this article will assist you with profiting Rite Aid benefits without any problem.

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