Kroger Pharmacy Hours – Saturday, Sunday & Holiday Hours

Kroger Pharmacy furnishes its clients with each sort of clinical benefit and medication they need. Likewise, it offers drug, remedy the executives, and substantially more of a drug store administration.

You might want to decide on Kroger Pharmacy administrations for their exceptionally old standing and driving medical care administrations. Yet, we propose you find out about Kroger Pharmacy Hours ahead of time with the goal that you don’t miss the timetable.

This article will share all that you really want to be aware of Kroger, alongside Kroger Pharmacy Hours and Kroger Pharmacy Holiday Hours.


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1.6 Kroger Pharmacy Covid-19 Hours
1.7 Kroger Pharmacy Special Operating Hours
1.8 Kroger-The Little Clinic Hours
1.9 Kroger Pharmacy Holiday Hours
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2.2 Kroger Mobile Pharmacy
2.3 Kroger Pharmacy Services
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Kroger Pharmacy Hours for Regular Days

Kroger Pharmacy Hours for the greater part of the stores are something very similar. For the most part, they open at 9 am and shut down at 7 pm, from Monday to Friday.

Kroger has in excess of 2250 retail location drug stores across the United States (US). A large portion of the drug stores work a normal of 10 hours on customary non-weekend days.

Be that as it may, Kroger Pharmacy Hours might differ from one area to another. A couple of the stores might follow the various schedules.

In the table underneath, we have shared Kroger Pharmacy Hours, powerful in many areas across the US.

Weekdays Opening Time Closing Time

Monday 9 am 7 pm
Tuesday 9 am 7 pm
Wednesday 9 am 7 pm
Thursday 9 am 7 pm
Friday 9 am 7 pm
In any case, you might rather not get into a store right now or consider remaining at home during a continuous Covid-19 pandemic. Be that as it may, you wouldn’t miss the Kroger Pharmacy administrations, as numerous Kroger Pharmacy areas offer drive-through or stroll up window administration.

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Kroger Pharmacy Hours Saturday

Kroger Pharmacy outlets open at 9 am and shut down at 5 pm. On ends of the week, they are open, yet with a piece contrast in the end times.

Weekday Opening Time Closing Time

Saturday 9 am 5 pm
This timetable applies to a large portion of the stores, yet all the same not all. A few stores in occupied areas might follow the customary schedule on Saturday.

In this way, we recommend ideally, let’s contact the Kroger Pharmacy store via telephone or check the hours through web devices prior to visiting.

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Kroger Pharmacy Hours Sunday

Dissimilar to other pharmacies, Kroger Pharmacies are open on Sunday. They are open from 11 am, a piece late than the standard thing. They close a piece prior too at 5 pm on Sunday.
Weekday Opening Time Closing Time
Sunday 11 am 5 pm
Numerous Kroger stores have changed drug store hours to urge clients to diminish the quantity of shopping trips however go through pick and conveyance benefits more.

In this way, we energetically suggest you contact the particular Kroger Pharmacy store prior to coming by.

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What Time Does Kroger Pharmacy Open?

Most Kroger Pharmacy stores open at 9 am on standard non-weekend days (Monday to Friday).

Yet, there could be a few intriguing special cases. For instance, a few stores might open at 8 am, which is helpful for go-getters. What’s more, many stores run extraordinary working hours for more established individuals and basic patients.

Also, practically all the Kroger Pharmacy stores open at 11 am on Sunday.

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What Time Does Kroger Pharmacy Close?

Kroger Pharmacy stores are open until 7 pm on non-weekend days. However, toward the end of the week, the timetable gets a piece unique.

On Saturday and Sunday, Kroger Pharmacy stores shut down at 5 pm.

Then again, a few areas have different shutting times. It might appear to be very surprising that a few stores might try and stay open until 10 pm on standard non-weekend days. For instance, a couple of stores could be opened till 10 pm because of the Covid-19 immunization drive or an unexpected flood in clinical necessities.

In this way, we propose you settle on a decision and know the particular hours of an individual Kroger Pharmacy store. You can likewise involve the store finder on their site for additional exact subtleties.

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Kroger Pharmacy Lunch Hours

In the states requiring dinner breaks, representatives who work more than five or six hours are commonly permitted to require a half-hour to eat.
However, Kroger Pharmacy doesn’t contain for the break. In this way, you can have all the drug store administrations on the off chance that you get to one of the stores.

Kroger Pharmacy Covid-19 Hours

A couple of the Kroger Pharmacy stores are open sooner than the customary timetable during Coronavirus flare-up.
For instance, all drug stores in Kroger’s Atlanta Division open at 8:00 am. This incorporates Georgia, Eastern Alabama and South Carolina.

The refreshed Kroger drug store hours for the previously mentioned areas are beneath:

Drug stores planned to stay open 9 am – 8 pm will change to 8 am – 7 pm.
Drug stores booked to stay open 9 am – 9 pm will change to 8 am – 8 pm.
Drug stores planned to stay open 8 am – 9 pm will change to 8 am – 8 pm.
The new senior and in danger hours will change to 7:00 am to 8 am, Monday to Thursday.

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Kroger Pharmacy Special Operating Hours
Kroger Pharmacy offers exceptional hours for seniors and high-risk gatherings, including individuals 60 or more seasoned, eager moms, people on call, and those with compromised resistant frameworks.

For instance, all drug stores in the Atlanta division, including Georgia, Eastern Alabama, and South Carolina, are open at 8 am.

These new hours give seniors, and in danger people added chance to chat with a drug specialist and get the remedies without trusting that the drug store will open or make a different outing.

To be aware in the event that Kroger Pharmacy close to you offers similar extraordinary hours, make sure to and ask further.

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Kroger-The Little Clinic Hours
Kroger stores with The Little Clinic are into new active times from April 9, 2020.

For you comfort, we have shared the hours beneath:

8:30 am to 6:30 pm – Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm – Saturday
10:30 am to 4:30 pm – Sunday
Established in 2003, The Little Clinic areas are furnished with board-confirmed nurture professionals and doctor collaborators approved to analyze, treat, and compose medicines.

On the off chance that you have any normal diseases, for example, bronchitis, sinus contaminations, sensitivities to pollen and influenza, you can go look for a treatment here.
On the off chance that you have any normal diseases, for example, bronchitis, sinus contaminations, sensitivities to pollen and this season’s virus, you can go look for a treatment here.

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Kroger Pharmacy Holiday Hours

Kroger Pharmacies are open for practically every one of special times of year, and close the entryways barely on a couple of public occasions.

Nonetheless, Kroger Pharmacy stores reserve the privilege to change their own functioning timings, in the event that an occasion approaches during ordinary long periods of work.
We have shared a rundown of occasions on which Kroger Pharmacies works like standard days. We accept this rundown will assist you with choosing a visit to the store for any clinical help.

Kroger is open on special times of year beneath:

Cinco de Mayo
Mother’s Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Autonomy Day
New Year’s Day
Columbus Day
Great Friday
St. Patrick’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Valentine’s Day
Father’s Day
Work Day
The huge shopping day after Thanksgiving
Day After Christmas
Veterans Day
Easter Monday
Easter Sunday
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
Christmas Eve
Dedication Day
New Year’s Eve
Presidents Day

Kroger official Holidays

Kroger notices no occasion with the exception of Christmas Day (December 25). Notwithstanding, in numerous crises, a couple of Kroger Pharmacy stores might stay open.

Thus, on the off chance that you get into a clinical need, we recommend you contact your closest Kroger Pharmacy to be aware assuming it is open prior to visiting.
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Kroger Pharmacy Hours Near Me

On the off chance that you have never gone to a Kroger Pharmacy store, or moved to another spot, you might need to know the Kroger Pharmacy Hours close to you.

Inside a couple of snaps and seconds, you can without much of a stretch figure out Kroger Pharmacy Hours close to you. We are sharing a couple of strategies beneath to do that:

Store Locator

It’s the authority and most trustworthy technique for tracking down Kroger Pharmacy and their hours close to you. Go to and tick for Pharmacy choice. Just put your city, state or postal code.
You will see a rundown of close to Kroger Pharmacy stores with extra data like contact numbers, working time, distance and guide to arrive at there.

Google Map

It’s one more simple method for finding the nearest Kroger Pharmacy and its working hours. Turn on your gadget area and go to Google Maps. In the pursuit bar, simply enter Kroger Pharmacy, and it will show a rundown of close to Kroger Pharmacy, their hours, photographs and so on.

Kroger Online Pharmacy

Kroger has online drug store administrations like most different suppliers these days. You can sign in and be a part to appreciate the majority of the drug store offices. Go here store and partake in the drug store administrations readily available.
You can add or move a medicine, demand a top off, investigate drug data, and significantly more here.

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Kroger Mobile Pharmacy

In a couple of spots, Kroger works a portable drug store. It is a van with particular medical caretakers and specialists to give you most drug store administrations.

It has one in the parking area of the Buckhannon, situated at 80 Skyline Plaza Drive in Buckhannon. You can get to your solutions and drug store needs there on the off chance that you live close by.

The Kroger Mobile Pharmacy Hours of activity are 10 am – 6 pm, Monday to Saturday, and 11 am – 6 pm on Sunday.

Kroger Pharmacy Services

Kroger offers advantageous, customized drug store and medical care administrations to best serve your general heath. You can fill remedies, shop medication bureau needs, get master sustenance tips, appreciate sound living motivation thus considerably more at Kroger Pharmacy. We have featured beneath the significant administrations Kroger offers:

Over-the-Counter Medicine: You can get all medication for relief from discomfort, sensitivity, sinus, cold and influenza and even clench hand help administrations here.

Nourishment Service: Kroger accepts that better wellbeing begins with good food decisions. The organization remembers to embrace food as medication in any case. This assistance targets improving, more astute choices about what you eat, bringing about better lives.

Since everybody’s health process appears to be unique, Kroger offers numerous sustenance administrations to help you along your way.
With Telenutrition, you don’t have to visit a center or drug store. All things being equal, you can undoubtedly and essentially interface one-on-one with an enrolled dietitian to get customized nourishment schooling, smart dieting tips and that’s just the beginning.

Plan a Telenutrition arrangement today by going here, and appreciate admittance to a dietitian from your telephone, work area or tablet.

Solutions Services: You can save time when you request medication on the web. Kroger’s web-based medicine administrations allows you to reorder your medicine, move a remedy, really look at solution status, investigate drug data and considerably more.

Signin to My Prescriptions

( to oversee remedies and drug for yourself, as well as different individuals from your loved ones.
You can likewise profit from Rx Savings Club, controlled by GoodRx. The club is a yearly enrollment program that gives solution limits on 1,000s of well known drugs for you, your family, and, surprisingly, your pets.

Immunization Scheduling: Kroger has specific antibodies for all ages, including pregnant lady and voyagers. Go here available immunizations and timetable your antibody today.

Add or Transfer Prescriptions: Kroger’s drug specialists give something beyond medicine aptitude. They are committed to assisting you with living better with customized wellbeing and health administrations. Go here and you’ll see moving a remedy to your neighborhood drug store can’t be more straightforward.
Coronavirus Vaccines: To be safeguarded against Coronavirus, receive any available immunization shots today. Contingent upon the producer, wellbeing specialists as of now prescribe up to two dosages. Kroger has the COVID-19 immunization accessible to people matured 5+. Go here immunization to plan your antibody today.

Specialty Pharmacy: Kroger Specialty Pharmacy is a cross country Clinical Pharmacy administration to serve patients with persistent sicknesses requiring complex consideration.

Kroger offers patients and prescribers the advantage of one of kind schooling and assets, guiding, aftereffect the board, customized care and substantially more through gifted clinician experience and prevalent treatment programs.

Patient Clinical Services: Kroger drug specialists are something beyond your prescription specialists, giving wellbeing and wellbeing administrations, for example, wellbeing screenings, extended immunization organization and individual wellbeing mentors so you can meet your singular health objectives.

Solution Pet Meds: Your closest Kroger Pharmacy can fill remedies for your pet companions alongside you. You need to simply acquire your pet’s remedy.
Diabetes Education: Kroger offers Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) program for Diabetes Self-Management Education.

DSME program intends to give quality instruction, preparing and apparatuses to patients with diabetes. This empowers you to be aware and add to the administration of your own wellbeing.

DSME tends to points, for example, “Diabetes Basics,” “Essential Nutrition,” “High level Nutrition,” and “Actual work and Controlling Complications.”

The instruction program is accessible to any understanding with diabetes. However, it is probably going to help you most assuming your condition is recently analyzed.

Kroger Pharmacy Shipping and Delivery Service

Kroger ‘Mail Order Pharmacy’ conveys your drugs to your doorstep in the event that you can’t arrive at a store genuinely.
It does this assistance through Postal Prescription Services (PPS). Request every one of your remedies via mail, telephone, or on the web. If you have any desire to follow the situation with every one of your drugs on the web, go to

For any conveyance administration, peruse here: to-shop/conveyance.

Installment Methods Accepted at Kroger Pharmacy
Kroger acknowledges MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express Mastercards.

Kroger Pharmacy Mobile App

Search for pickup or conveyance right from the application. You can rapidly fabricate your shopping list, download coupons, view computerized receipts, deal with your remedies, and more through the portable application. It is accessible for the two iOs and Android stages. Download the application from here: to-shop/portable application.

Kroger Pharmacy Overview

The Kroger Co. is a 138 years of age American Retailing Company that began its excursion in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kroger has by a wide margin become a rare example of biggest general stores in the US by income.

This organization works 2726 grocery stores and multi-retail chains straightforwardly through its auxiliaries.

Kroger stores incorporate hypermarkets, grocery stores, superstores, retail chains, drug store stores, and gems stores. In the US, Kroger works north of 2250 drug store stores and 224 little centers.

As per Wikipedia, the entire Kroger organization is controlled by at least 465000 workers.

Kroger drug store offers driving medical care administrations through committed experts, including on the web medicine the executives, advantageous tops off, inoculation, and substantially more to assist with peopling have better existences.
Kroger Company Address

Address: 1014 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Client assistance Number: 1-800-576-4377
Specialist Availability:

Monday to Friday – 7:00 am to Midnight, EST
Saturday and Sunday-7:00 am to 9:30 pm, EST
Online Entertainment Platforms
To remain refreshed about Kroger, you can follow the Kroger online entertainment stages.

Kroger in a Nutshell
Organizer: Bernard Kroger
Established: 1883
Type: Public
Industry: Retail
Region Served: United States
Base camp: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Key People: Rodney McMullen
Items: Supercenter/Superstore, Supermarket,
Other Specialty
Divisions: Inter-American Products
different chains

Kroger Pharmacy FAQs

Is Kroger Pharmacy Open on Sunday?

Kroger Pharmacy is open on Sunday, yet with a restricted hours. You can visit the store between 11 am – 7 pm.

Is Kroger Pharmacy Open on Christmas Day?

No, Kroger Pharmacy isn’t open on Christmas Day. It’s the main authority occasion Kroger notices. There can be special case however we suggest you arrive at the store another day assuming you are arranging your visit.

Is Kroger Pharmacy Open Today?

In the event that today isn’t Christmas Day, Kroger is open. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you actually feel somewhat wary or have what is happening progressing in your territory, do contact before you go.

What is Kroger Pharmacy Thanksgiving Hours?

Kroger Pharmacy is open on the Thanksgiving Day. Notwithstanding, the stores might have adjusted or restricted functional hours.

What is Kroger Pharmacy Easter Sunday Hours?

Kroger Pharmacy stores are open between 11 am – 4 pm on Easter Sunday in many regions.

What is Kroger-The Little Clinic?

The Little Clinic is a drug store administration with board-ensured nurture experts and doctor partners approved to analyze, treat, and compose medicines.


Kroger Pharmacy is one of the most mind-blowing medical care administrations and medication suppliers in the US. According to the exploration and examination we have gone through, we suggest you go for the main drug store administrations.

In this article, we have featured the best administrations Kroger offers and its functional hours. Nonetheless, we generally recommend you settle on a decision for your most extreme crisis, as the hours are liable to change because of undeniable reasons.

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