Harris Teeter Pharmacy in the Triangle Area

If you’re looking for a spot to get your cures filled, HARRIS TEETER PHARMACY is arranged at 1245 CONCORD PKWY NORTH in Concord, NC. This pharmacy is open seven days consistently. To learn about what the future holds when you visit, read on for additional information. Sort out what sorts of organizations are offered and the way that long you could have to keep down to acknowledge your medications.


There are a couple of areas of Harris Teeter pharmacies in the Triangle locale. One of them is arranged in the Commons at University Place in Durham, NC. It is open seven days consistently, and gives pharmacy organizations and stand by times. You can moreover find a Harris Teeter pharmacy in Hillsborough, Morrisville, and Cary. For additional information, contact the Harris Teeter pharmacy nearest to you to get course.

Here is a summary of various regions in the Triangle locale.

You can find Harris Teeter pharmacy regions near you by organizing by state or by using a manual for track down the nearest region. Also, moreover you can investigate the phone number and gps sets up for each area to get course to your nearest Harris Teeter pharmacy. You can in like manner examine online reviews and rate each region to sort out how it breaks down. At the point when you’ve found a close by Harris Teeter store, make sure to go to their site and solicitation your remedies!

The Harris Teeter chain has stores generally through the southeast, including Charlotte and New Bern. The greatest region is in New Bern, North Carolina, and it covers 100,000 square feet. There are also model stores in seven states, including Greensboro, North Carolina, and Charlotte, North Carolina. The stores are in like manner related with a help station, which makes them a supportive spot to buy gas. Thusly, you can save cash while shopping at the Harris Teeter pharmacy and get gas coupons.

While Harris Teeter doesn’t at present offer COVID-19 vaccinations, they truth be told do offer free immunizations at specific regions. Regardless, these organizations are only available by plan, and you should convey your medical care card with you to meet all prerequisites for these organizations. If you’re requiring a vaccination, make sure to visit a Harris Teeter region near you. There are various Harris Teeter pharmacy regions near you. Check out at their hours and regions today!


You can sort out the significant length of Harris Teeter Pharmacy at any of their 261 regions in the United States. The pharmacy offers organizations the entire year, but it is fundamental for observe that a couple of hours may be loosened up on unambiguous days. For example, it very well may be closed on Sunday. The pharmacy is moreover closed on Christmas Day, but it is open on the following day. On Monday through Saturday, the hours are nine to eleven, yet Sunday hours are more restricted and the store closes down at six.
You’ll find Harris Teeter Pharmacy at 1704 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC. This shopping complex is open seven days out of each week and is staffed by approved drug subject matter experts and experts. This pharmacy offers cure and non-specialist recommended solutions at retail costs, as well as prosperity screenings, inoculation, and advice ingesting medications use. The pharmacy is a portion of the time used in a helpful practice by other clinical consideration providers. For information about hours, call ahead or visit the Harris Teeter Pharmacy site.

The extended lengths of Harris Teeter Pharmacy could change, so checking the store’s site for refreshes is huge. The store will proceed with run of the mill business hours on June 17, 2020. While specific stores probably won’t have a pharmacy, others will proceed with their standard hours on May 13.

The Harris Teeter chain contains stores in North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia. The chain’s greatest region is in New Bern, North Carolina, and is 100,000 square feet. The chain similarly works model stores in seven states, including Greensboro and Charlotte. As of August 2007, the chain used in excess of 18,000 people the country over. In North Carolina, it is the second greatest chain of supermarkets. There are 260 Harris Teeter regions.


Until the COVID-19 pandemic obliterates the fundamental food thing industry, a trip to a Harris Teeter pharmacy is the best method for getting your remedy. The convenience and expenses are first rate. These pharmacies have all that you truly need for a strong lifestyle and an ecstatic family. Regardless, there’s a stunt. You’ll have to spread out $500 in regular food things just to remain mindful of the increasing expenses. In any case, that isn’t all; Harris Teeter is adding more things to its retail exteriors, including superbness helps and prosperity makes a difference. Despite remedies, they similarly sell infrequent things, baking and kitchen instruments, and that is just a glimpse of something larger.

In case you don’t have medical care, consider getting a RX24 drug venture finances card. This card works a lot of like a medical care plan yet permits you to save to 80% on arrangements at taking an interest pharmacies. You can use your card at Harris Teeter as long as it has a RX24 logo on it, which will let you know which drugs are more affordable than the rest. The benefits are different and the hold assets can be critical.
Another legitimization for the higher pharmacy costs is that pharmacies consume significant store room. That space could be used to sell various things, and that infers Harris Teeter is missing anticipated pay. Anyway, the pharmacies aren’t the super exorbitant division in that frame of mind. They moreover have a bloom expert’s strength and a herbal division. These additional divisions add to the cost of running the stores. That is because they need to purchase more stock and enlist more specialists.

Notwithstanding the way that Harris Teeter’s expenses are higher than different stores, they really aren’t humble. This is by and large a direct result of how its laborers are paid more. Moreover, you can’t get cost coordinate game plans with this association. Nevertheless, if you can find something more affordable elsewhere, you’re good to go. The fundamental disadvantage of Harris Teeter’s expenses is that they won’t match the other store’s expense.

Client support

With respect to client support, you can rely upon the pleasant people at the Harris Teeter pharmacy. They put earnestly in their client support and their accentuation on quality things. The medication subject matter experts and staff at the Harris Teeter pharmacy are ready to help you with finding the right prescriptions for yourself as well as your friends and family. They in like manner offer 340B pharmacy sorts of help, which is a legislatively embraced refund program for specialist endorsed drugs. Additionally, the pharmacy offers shut entrance care.

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