Top 10 Most Powerful Dinosaur Pokémon

There are around 900 different Pokémon in the establishment. Albeit the establishment is yet to add a dinosaur type, many plans have taken motivation from dinosaurs. Here are the 10 most remarkable dinosaur Pokémon across the whole establishment.

Rundown of Dinosaur Pokémon


(Tyrantrum) Credit: Bulbagarden Archives

Tyrannosaurus Rex) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Tyrantrum is a stone and winged serpent type fossil Pokémon and takes impact from the most well known dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The animal has small arms, an enormous head brimming with sharp teeth and a bipedal development style similar as its ancient same.

Tyrantrum develops from its pre-advancement Tryrunt at around level 39. Like its other ancient partners, it is solid, with the animal learning moves, for example, giga influence at around level 68.


Meganium was presented in age two of the establishment. Meganium is the last development of the starter Chikorita in the Johto series of games. Meganium is a grass type and similar as Sauropods, for example, the Brachiosaurus it has a long neck and a lot more modest head and appendages.

Meganium is serious areas of strength for a Pokémon who can learn strong grass type moves, for example, petal snowstorm at level 70 and the most grounded grass type move in the establishment, free for all plant.

(Meganium) Credit: Bulbagarden

(Brachiosaurus) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki


Tyranitar is a Pokémon presented in age two. Tyranitar is a stone and dull sort and is viewed as perhaps of the most remarkable animal in the establishment.

(Tyranitar) Credit: Bulbagarden

Tyrannosaurus Rex) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Tyranitar takes motivation from the made up beast Godzilla and from dinosaurs, for example, the Tyrannosaurus Rex due to being bipedal. The animal is strong, being able to annihilate mountains and cover waterways when irritated. It likewise has a super development and the capacity to learn undeniable level moves, for example, hyper pillar and giga influence before level 60.


(Sceptile) Credit: Bulbagarden
(Velociraptor) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Sceptile is the last advancement of the starter Treeko in age three of the establishment. A fan number one, Sceptile can run at fast and has a reptilian-like appearance that looks like Velociraptor.

Sceptile is solid with a super development, and strong grass type moves, for example, petal tempest and furor plant.


(Rampardos) Credit: Bulbagarden

Pachycephalosaurus) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Rampardos is a stone kind fossil Pokémon presented in age four of the establishment. The animal has an empty head and appendage structure similar as the dinosaur Pachycephalosaurus.

Rampardos develops from Cranidos at level 30 and is serious areas of strength for a sort with the ability to learn moves, for example, harmony headbutt and head crush that utilization its powerful skull. Likewise, it can likewise learn strong moves like old power and stone edge.

(Bastiodon) Credit: Bulbagarden

(Triceratops) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Bastiodon is a stone and steel type and the partner to Rampardos in age four of the establishment. The Pokémon has a rush and horns like Triceratops or Zuncineratops.

Bastiodon develops from Shieldon at level 30 and has impressive power. Before level 60, Bastiodon can learn both iron head and weighty hammer.

  1. Lapras

  2. (Lapras) Credit: Bulbagarden
    (Plesiosaur) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

Lapras is one of the most famous Pokémon ever. At first presented in age one of the establishment, Lapras is a strong water type with dinosaur impacts. Lapras has a long neck, short tail, balances and blue hued appearance like the ancient Plesiosaur.

This blue dinosaur Pokémon is viewed as one of the most grounded water types, with the capacity to gigantamax in age eight of the establishment and can learn knockout moves like sheer cold at level 50.

  1. Groudon

(Groudon) Credit: Bulbagarden
(Ankylosaurus) Credit: Dinosaur Wiki

The unbelievable animal Groudon is one of the most remarkable dinosaur Pokémon. Groudon is one of the climate triplet legendaries presented in age three of the establishment. Groudon has spikes similar as Ankylosaurus and is comparative in likeness to Theropods.

It is a strong animal said to have made a significant part of the Pokémon land and can go through basic inversion. Groudon can learn strong moves like ejection and elite move sets like incline edges.


(Dialga) Credit: Bulbagarden

(Brachytrachelopan) Credit: Dinosaur Wiki

Dialga is an unbelievable animal presented in age four of the establishment. Dialga is a winged serpent and steel type unbelievable and is said to control time.

Sauropods move the unbelievable with short necks like Brachytrachelopan. Dialga is strong learning elite moves like the thunder of time and can serious areas of strength for learn normally, like blaze gun.


(Palkia) Credit: Bulbagarden
(Oviraptor) Credit:Dinosaur Wiki

The unbelievable Palkia, similar as Dialga, was presented in age four of the establishment.

It is a strong water and mythical serpent type fit for misshaping space. Palkia takes direct motivation from dinosaurs like the Oviraptor and Plateosaurs.

Palkia can learn select moves, for example, spatial sever, making the animal colossally strong.

Last Thoughts

The establishment is extremely past due for another sort in the Pokédex. A dinosaur Pokémon type would be an ideal expansion to the establishment .

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