Allison Stokke: Who are Erica Stoll’s Parents?

Erica Stoll is a socialite and the spouse of golf player Rory McIlroy. She is an ex-PGA of America worker and took on the place of Manager of Championship Volunteer Operations in 2011. Her mom, Allison Stokke, is a previous olympic style events competitor. The couple wedded in November 2016 with the subtitle, “Booking for November… Fowler party of three!”

Mark and Bonnie Stoll

Erica Stoll was brought into the world on September 10, 1987. Her folks are Mark and Bonnie Stoll. She has a sister, Natalie. She experienced childhood in Los Angeles. Notwithstanding her dad, she is hitched to individual expert golf player Danielle McIlroy. She as of now works for the PGA and appreciates hot yoga, cycling, and rowing. Her mother, Danielle McIlroy, is a realtor in Florida. She has played on a few expert golf visits and has conveyed the pack for her beau, Rory McIlroy.
While bringing up her girl, Stoll has likewise turned into a model for sports brands and spends time with her better half. In her extra time, she invests energy with her two little girls and spends time with her significant other. The two guardians are dynamic in the games business. She is perhaps of the most moving female expert competitor on the planet. She is hitched to Sergio Garcia, an expert golf player and model.

Proficient Golfer

While she is as yet seeking after her post vaulting profession, Stoll is additionally displaying for sports brands. Her better half, Rickie Stokke, is an expert golf player. The couple are likewise guardians to girl, Natalie, who is a model. In spite of their bustling timetables, they appreciate cruising and watching The Bachelor. The family is exceptionally close and it is impossible that her folks are not engaged with her vocation.
While Erica Stokke is known as a renowned shaft vaulter, her folks are likewise popular for being a golf player. As a matter of fact, they met at a MotoGP occasion in Texas in 2007. The couple wedded in 2008 and are currently guardians of a little child. They are hitched and live in Los Angeles, where she actually dwells with her significant other. Her dad, Mark, is an expert golf player.

Guardians of Erica Stoll

The guardians of Erica Stoll have been extremely open about their youngsters. Despite the fact that her dad, Mark, and sister are entertainers, the two are additionally known for their advertising exercises. The family has been the focal point of consideration for some big names, and two or three has a cozy relationship with the U.S. banner. It is normal for both her folks to censure the other.

The spouse of an expert golf player is Angela Akins Garcia. Her significant other is a yearning artist. The spouse of another expert golf player is Angela Akins Garcia, who is a tennis star. The couple is a mother-girl of the well known Sergio Garcia. Both are a noticeable couple in media outlets. In any case, she was brought into the world on September 10, 1987

Two Children

Starting around 2018, several has two youngsters. Other than their girl, Allison Stokke is hitched to Mark Akins Garcia. The couple, who met during a MotoGP occasion in Austin in 2017, has a little girl named Maya. The two guardians have areas of strength for a for their youngsters. Besides, they are both strong of one another’s vocation and life. She has a sibling and a sister who likewise cherishes the game.

Her folks were equivalent to those of her sister, which made her a surprising and interesting big name. She is the lone offspring of Rickie Fowler and Alison McIlroy. The couple is joyfully hitched and live in Scottsdale, Arizona. They are likewise anticipating their most memorable kid, a kid, at some point in 2021. Allison Stokke is hitched to Rickie Fowler, an expert golf player.


A previous stunner expo contender, Allison is currently an entertainer and wellness model. She broke her own shaft vaulting records in secondary school. Her significant other, Gary, was an expert golf player. They have been dating starting around 2009 and have two youngsters together. They are both great contenders nearby. The fact that she is oppressive makes there no proof. They are both extremely steady of their youngsters and their companion.

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