Why is Kedarkantha India’s favorite trek?

Introduction to Kedarkantha trek

This Trekking experience is one of the earliest explored promotion winter season treks in India. According to its history, the Kedarkantha peaks have fascinated the hearts and minds of several Indian trekkers. Its inordinate beauty fascinates both your eyes and your soul. The main three factors that uplift the Kedarkantha peak are mesmerizing snow, heavy white clouds, and a wide view that one will forever remember. Kedarkantha, which is situated at an elevation of 12,500 feet overhead the sea level and is graded from a medium level up to an easy walk in terms of toughness, fulfills all of the spectrums for a memorable winter trek. 

The sight from the peak of the mountain and hills, as well as the magnificent tour throughout the snow, are two major reasons why everyone wants to trek on the top of Kedarkantha strings. The name Kedarkantha is derived from a historic tradition that states the Kedarnath temple was doomed to be built there first. Nevertheless, creators who were working on this historic temple heard a cow’s voice from the close by and considered it to be the worst omen as per Hindu mythology. Exactly at that time, the work was stopped in the middle. They can only sculpt up to the head of Lord Shiva’s Sculpture, thus the peak was given the name Kedarkantha.

More about Kedarkantha

Apart from the legendary mythology, Kedarkantha has many things to offer, evolving into one of the most attractive sunset and even sunrise sights in the whole world and many more.  One of its outstanding features is that it is preferable for starters, so if you have always wished to go on a beautiful hike but have never accomplished it, Kedarkantha results to be an ideal place to begin. There are a lot more things in your mind about this trek, so let’s learn about it one by one. All you have to do now is keep on reading the article to explore why this is the ideal location to go this winter, and believe me, it is.

Reasons why this is India’s favorite trek

Below are a few of the reasons why Kedarkantha trek is India’s favorite trek and everyone loves to carry out this trek.

  • The prosperity of snow and a lot of fun. If you are a snow lover, then you should and must proceed with the Kedarkantha Trek bundle. Recapture the child which is still inside you and have a lot of fun with the snow. During the exact time of the year, Kedarkantha is backed up with a white landscape of snow. Exceptionally adding more fun and thriller at the same time. An entire package of excitement, thrills and spectacular beauty.
  • Experience the enchanting sunrise in the Garhwal region. If you have to term sunrise from Kedarkantha Top, it will go ad follow – begin in amazement at the breathtaking, unrevealed series of the sky pervading with a rainbow of daylight hues and shade. Encountering the very first peeps of the Sun in this region named Garhwal is honestly a view to observe. 
  • Walk along with snow-covered mountain views. Throughout the whole tour, you can observe hills like Draupadi ka Danda, Kalanag, Bandarpunch and Swargarohini as you start your journey. Aside from this, there are few things to commend at every breakpoint. Tour along with the huge land of grass throughout the day and have fun with the star-covered sky at night. 
  • You can have fun while camping and learn a lot about the myths of Kedarkantha. The Trek schedule of Kedarkantha is filled with mythological stories and tales. One of them is about the enchanting pond named Juda Ka Talab, where you will be able to fix your camp before arriving at Kedarkantha Top Base camp. As per the legends, once Lord Shiva unlatches his Jata i.e. dreadlocks a bit. And, the water that flowed based on this lake. 
  • Also preferred by the trekkers who just began their hiking journey. The trek path of Kedarkantha is way simpler for any physically healthy person. Further to that, this trek offers you a beautiful chance to have a top summit climb. Isn’t that as captivating as your first trek encounter? The trek is not that easy and gets trickier as you come closer to the highest leak. Apart from this, you will always be partnered by several mountains.


The article covers brief information about Kedarkantha place and also contains some of the main reasons why Kedarkantha is India’s favorite trek. I hope this article helped you in every aspect you were seeking.

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