Best Himalayan Treks in India


The highest peaks on the planet, the Himalayas are vast and stretch across India, Bhutan, and Nepal finding their beginning and end in Pakistan and China. Everest makes most of the headlines; multiple peaks are striking and exclusive in characteristics and nothing can replicate it in any place in the world, especially when you include mountain ranges of west Indus – the Pamir, Hindu Kush, and the Karakoram.

We are too lucky to be born in a country like India, the country which hosts a majestic range. At some point in life, one wants to trek in the Himalayas. Some of us have already completed the thought while some of them are trying to complete it. 

So here are some of the best Himalayan treks in India-


The experience of the Chadar trek can be described in just one word which is surreal, the trek is rich with elements of its own. It is mesmerizing landscapes that are mind-numbing temperatures or thrilling walks that will make it phenomenal, the simplicity of Zanskari people and the adaptability and acceptance of harsh challenges, are what captivates the trekkers the most. As far as history goes, the formation of thick ice during winters on the Zanskar river facilitates the inhabitants to use it as a bridge to connect it to the other side and gather supplies for months. Chadar is a risky and unpredictable trek in older times, the day every villager would make sure to clear his debts and dues before starting the trek because just in case the river would swallow them during the journey. 


The Hampta pass is at 14,000 ft. it Himachal Pradesh falls under those rare, dramatic pass crossings in the Himalayas. On one side there is a lush green valley of Kullu- with forests, grasslands, flowers blooming on the side of your trek. On the other hand, there are almost arid, stark landscapes of Lahaul with barren mountains and almost no vegetation. Standing at the top of the pass, what is ahead and what is behind are two different worlds. It will change in a matter of time and minutes. Simply put, the hampta pass in Himachal Pradesh is a valley of flowers – a narrow green valley protected by snow-covered mountains. When you get on the other side of hampta pass you will be looking at the stark contrast from what you just left behind. The landscape that stretches in front of you is spiti valley known for its barren stretches, rugged terrain, and forgets me not blue skies.


This is a classic trek in India, and it has to be Rupin Pass. The trek is like building up momentum with surprises in scenery every hour or so. With every step the trek throws up a new view to see, new scenery to unfold. The surprise will begin right from your first day of trekking. 20 minutes into the trek you will be able to see the rupin river make an appearance. From here, the trail takes you through hanging villages, and then quite suddenly it will take you into a deep pine forest. The trek then meanders through glacial meadows, snow bridges, glacial valleys, snowfields, and hundreds of waterfalls.


This trek is for lovers of adventure. It is for those who have done a considerable amount of Himalayan treks. It is difficult to trek, with a truly magical experience to give in return for all the effort. The trek climbs to glacial kedartal lake, sitting amid a cauldron of a big mountain. Famous mountains of our country rise in front of you- Mt. Thalay Sagar, Mt. Bhrigupanth, Manda Parvat, Mt. Jogin, Mt. Gangotri. The trek is also extremely remote. There is no human habitat at this point of altitude.  


The major reason to do the goechala trek is the grand view of big mountains that you will see. You don’t just see one summit- the Kanchenjunga but 14 other big summits, At Least as close to the eyes as on the Goechala trek. It is no wonder that trekkers consider goechala to be the big mountain treks of Nepal. Before we dive into the details about the Goechala trek, here is a little backdrop of why Goechala is well-being among trekkers all over the world. While the trail is an old one, it wasn’t always so famous. The changes came about duringNepalese Civil War which lasted from 1996 to 2006. 

Disturbances in Nepal during this time shut the country to trekkers, suddenly trekking to the highest mountains of the world, a huge blow to the trekkers who frantically started looking for alternatives. At the time, goechala emerged as the closest solace. It promises a brilliant close-up to the third highest mountain of the world and offers breathtaking views of singalia ranging from the dzongri top.


Himachal Pradesh is blessed with a pin Parvati pass which has an amazing view. The natural scenic beauty in the icy mountain range of western Himalayas. The trek is located at an elevation of 5319 m high which delights the trekkers. The best season for trekking in this place is in ideal summer, in the month of July to September end. Trekking to Parvati is the best summer break from the blazing heat which will surely tempt the adventure-loving trekkers. The place is considered as glory for passionate trekking lovers. Pin Parvati trek is known as a very tricky trek as it is on a high altitude and is covered under frozen snow mountains for almost a whole year. Rainfalls are uncertain which makes the area slippery and it increases the risk factor.


It is a trek with unique visuals where you can walk over glaciers for miles nosed you can walk at the foot of mountain Himalayan peaks like mount shivling. The trek is at an elevation of 4800m at Vasuki Tal and is graded as moderate. The trekking involves many glaciers and boulders and that makes this trek really thrilling and different. The trek is still less explored, it gives the trekkers a unique chance of experiencing nature at its best. Vasuki Tal trek, you can get a chance of experiencing nature at its best. In order to go on the Vasuki Tal trek, the best time to visit is May- June, and September- October. Vasuki Tal trek route map, itinerary temperatures and altitude charts, photos, and reviews. 


It is regarded as a holy lake which is located in kullu valley and its the original source of river beas. It is believed that rishi vyas used to take his daily bath in the pristine water of the lake; it is perched at an altitude of 3650m in the lap of Mt. Hanuman Tibba and seven sisters. Passing through the solang valley the trek to Beas kund offers a rejuvenating experience and the journey is filled with several surprises at each turn. The Beas Kund trek starts from Manali which is tucked at a height of 2050m. The trek starts from anali and it leads to dhundi 1350m via solang nallah. It facesa gradual climb from solah nallah and it takes approx 5 – 6hrs. The route from Dhundi winds upwards to Bakarthach, which is at an elevation of 3300m and it leads to beas after a gradual climb over the moraine.


Deo tibba base camp trek is also called chota chandratal trek. It is one of the most beautiful treks in the Manali region of Himachal pradesh. The trek of this trail is highly varied and is home to types of flora and fauna. Mt. Deo Tibba is visible throughout the entire trek. Other peaks like indrasan and glaciers of jagatsukh and deo tibba are visible. The maximum altitude during deo tibba is 14,698 ft. best time to trek in this trail is in between may- october. 


It is a strenuous high altitude trail which connects south eastern Ladakh to Spiti over Parang La. This wide glaciated pass is itself in spiti, himachal pradesh and traditional trade route between spiti, Changthang and Tibet. The trek is a true trans himalayan starting from Zanskar range and reaching to great Himalayan range. Truly this is an incredible journey of lifetime for experienced hikers. It is a pictorial satellite view of parang la trek, starting from Tso moriri to Kibber and Kaza in spiti. The strenuous trek for experienced hikers has all flavors of Ladakh and Spiti. High mountains aird landscapes, rocky cliffs, stunning coloration of rock bands, wide valleys with patches of lush green. It also gives you the opportunity to spend nights on Tso Moriri lake while hiking, the entire length of the day.

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