Is Brazil safe to visit in 2022?

Brazil has recently been ranked as the most dangerous country to visit by International Living. It is a country that has been experiencing an increase in crime rates and political instability, despite its many natural attractions. The number of political protests and strikes in the country has increased over the past ten years, which means that traveling there could be dangerous for visitors.

The recent Brazilian elections have created some uncertainty about how safe Brazil will be to visit in 2022. So for now, It’s uncertain and unknown exactly whether it’s safe or not to travel to Brazil in 2022.

Tips to avoid trouble

Pickpocketing is a common crime. Be vigilant especially during carnival and festive periods. Avoid going to the city beaches after dark.

If you are threatened, surrender your valuables immediately. Attackers could be under the influence or armed. Avoid resisting attackers. This increases your risk of injury and worsens the situation.

It is important to:

  • Avoid expensive jewelry and watches
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of money. Consider wearing a money belt.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone on the streets
  • When not in use, keep your camera out of reach

Keep your passport and valuables safe. However, you should always have a copy of your ID and another type of photo ID with you.

Public beaches are a common target for theft. There are ‘arrastoes’, where large numbers of thieves run along a beach area grabbing items. Avoid taking valuables to the beaches and keep your belongings safe.

Dangerous areas 

Favelas, which is Portuguese for “slum” or “shanty city”, are areas of urban development with high density informal and unplanned housing. They are found in all major Brazilian cities. Their sizes range from small blocks to large, sprawling areas. Rio de Janeiro is especially vulnerable because of the unpredictable security situation. It is possible to be unsafe visiting a favela. Avoid these areas in all cities, even if they are marketed as ‘favela tours’ to tourists. Also, avoid any accommodation, restaurants, or bars that claim to be within a favela.

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Anyways There are many favelas in Rio de Janeiro. They can be found all around the city, including near the tourist area Zona Sul. This map shows approximate locations of many favelas. You can seek advice from the hotel or local authorities if you are unsure about the location.

Safe places to visit in Brazil

The Brazilian government has a website called “Know Before You Go” that provides safety information for tourists visiting Brazil. It is important to read this information before traveling to a new country for the first time. The Brazilian government also has information on travel with children, which includes advice for parents about vaccinations and recommendations for safe places to swim.

 Brazil has strict gun control laws. You cannot legally purchase a firearm in Brazil unless you are a law enforcement officer, soldier, informant or candidate for firearms certification.

Brazilian government websites:

  1. – Brazil Turismo:
  2. – Ministry of Tourism:
People protest

There are reports of demonstrations and sometimes strikes in Brazilian cities. They are more common in urban areas and can cause disruptions to transport. Even peaceful events can become violent and confrontational. To disperse protesters, police have extensively used tear gas and rubber bullets. Tear gas can also be felt hundreds of meters away from the site of protests.

Protests are common in Sao Paulo and occur often, sometimes without notice. There are often delays on the main road leading to Guarulhos International Airport.

The most popular locations for demonstrations are: Avenida Paulista and Largo da Batata in Sao Paulo, Esplanada Dos Ministerios (Brasilia) and Copacabana Beach (Rio de Janeiro). You should exercise common sense when you travel or reside in Brazil. Avoid large gatherings, protest rallies, or events that may lead to mass demonstrations. Follow the directions of local authorities. You should immediately leave any demonstrations.


 Brazil has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, food and natural beauty. If you are looking for adventure, this destination will not disappoint you. Brazil is a tropical country, with green forests and mountains. The Amazon rainforest and the beaches with warm water are in Brazil. The US has a big influence in terms of culture, food and natural beauty in Brazil. Brazil is a tropical country that is also diverse. In terms of culture, Brazil has the influence of Portugal, France and Spain. In terms of food and natural beauty, Brazil has the influence from Europe and China. In Conclusion: This destination not only has a lot to offer but also have an impact on the US in many ways such as culture.

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