Top 5 Airlines Ranked with Respect to In-Flight Entertainment

The past two years were tough for the airline industry. But, as things are getting back to normalcy, the number of people traveling has started to rise. 

Depending on how long your flight is, the ride could be boring. Particularly if you didn’t get the seat by the window and you can’t take your Cox business internet services with you. Things seem exciting initially but after a while, it starts to get to you. Airlines understand this. So to keep the passengers entertained, they offer in-flight entertainment.

The type of entertainment offered includes in-flight Wi-Fi movies, TV shows, and audio. Here’s the list that introduces you to the best and the worst.

1: JetBlue Airways

It all started with DirecTV and pay-per-view movies on its Airbus A320 as well as Embraer E190 aircraft. The airline expanded the technology with its Airbus A321 and A321neo aircraft.

Now it has 4 different types of in-flight entertainment systems, which vary according to the aircraft type. The systems on its Airbus A320 and Embraer E190 planes are fairly old. The former, on the other hand, is now in the middle of an upgrade. It will get a new system soon.

The A321S aircraft includes touchscreen LCDs featuring a whole sea of content. The A321neo bus also comes with a device pairing and a moving map. JetBlue is also the only airline that provides complimentary WiFi on all its planes. Though, the Airbus A321neo planes provide complimentary international satellite WiFi, though.

2: Delta Air Lines

Most of Delta Airline’s fleet features in-flight entertainment, power seats, and WiFi. The newest Airbus A220 was a move towards physical entertainment over streaming with seatback screens. Today, all of its seats have seatback screens. The Boeing 717, acquired from the now-defunct Air Tran Airways, is the only aircraft in Delta’s fleet without screens. Only a handful of Airbus A320 and Boeing 757-200 variants lack screens. For domestic flights, passengers get a free hour of WiFi by T-Mobile.

3: United Airlines

With this airline, it primarily depends on the aircraft you fly on. It offers WiFi on practically every aircraft it flies except for a few Boeing 737s.

Although some of United’s Boeing 737 fleet has actual seatback screens, the WiFi drives the streaming service in place of screens. Live DirecTV is available on the seatback screens.  United just made it free for all customers on flights with seatback screens after years of charging passengers for the service.

The company offers a streaming service instead of screens which is powered by WiFi. Some of its fleet like the Boeing 737 comes with true seatback screens. These seatback screens provide passenger access to live DirectTV. It is now complimentary for all passengers with seatbacks screens. Boeing 787 Dreamliner plane, specifically the 787-10 Dreamliner, has the most advanced technologies. The aircraft includes HD screens. They have unique software capabilities including relaxation modes and picture-in-picture functionality.

4: American Airlines

They have a huge and diverse fleet, some of which is because of its US Airways merger. As a result, the airline’s in-flight entertainment options are varied. Their mainline jets have in-flight WiFi, which is the only thing in common. Seatback screens are present on some American aircraft. The airline has been streaming entertainment for some years. The seatback screens are uncomfortably substituted with personal device holders on other models.

The airline’s long-haul widebody fleet carries a consistent entertainment suite. This includes in-seat power, seatback screens, in-flight WiFi. Boeing 767-300ER is the company’s only plane with no seatback screens. The screens are hung overhead and on the bulkheads.

5: Alaska Airlines

There was a time when this airline’s services were available in Portland and Seattle only. Now, it is a top player on transcontinental routes.

Sadly, Alaska Airlines doesn’t provide seatback entertainment systems. The airline relies on streaming content to offer entertainment to the passengers, which is powered by in-flight WiFi. The majority of their fleet has ground-based WiFi. This means that internet services in most international destinations including Hawaiian will be out of reach. However, they are in the process of upgrading to satellite WiFi. This is to ensure they offer a larger coverage area.

To stream content, you will have to download the company’s streaming app. You can also get tablets with pre-loaded content, which is only available to first-class passengers. The jets also feature USB ports as well as 110v AC power outlets.

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